Pilot Light
A Journal of 21st Century Poetics and Criticism
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Pilot Light is an on-line journal of 21st century poetics and criticism (ISSN: 2164-1633). We publish when we can, which is usually twice a year.

All work on this site is the property of the original authors. Please do not reprint without permission.


Pilot Light publishes original scholarship that considers, as its central focus, poetry published since 2000. We welcome traditional essays along with more lyric approaches, manifestos, interviews, round-tables, poems--suffice it to say that we are interested in formal variety and ingenuity. We are not interested, however, in book reviews or craft essays. We ask that all prose submissions be at least 1,000 words. Please send all submissions and/or queries to editor@pilotlightjournal.org. All rights revert to authors upon publication.